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Wedding Coordinator / Wedding Planner / Wedding Designer, Oh My!

Chances are once you got engaged you quickly realized that you needed to learn an entirely new vocabulary or wedding-speak.  From vendor to minimum to price plus plus the wedding industry does seem to have it own language!  This week I am going to give you a mini dictionary related to wedding planners to help you navigate your way through your wedding while being informed!

1.  Wedding Coordinator / Wedding Planner:

I happen to use these two terms interchangeably.  To me, both mean the same thing:  A professional who works with a couple to hire the necessary vendors for their wedding day and provides full execution and management on the wedding day.

2.  Wedding Designer:

This person is a concept and execution professional.  They design your wedding day and some also provide full wedding day management and all the services of a wedding planner.

A Wedding Coordinator and a Wedding Designer are very different people.  While they may both provide full wedding day management, and be able to guide you through the vendor hiring process, a wedding planner isn’t likely to create the design and execute it.  For example, I am a wedding planner and while we do create inspiration boards and have creative ideas, I won’t be up the night before your wedding making floral arrangements.

Have you hired a planner / coordinator for your wedding or a designer?

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