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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Wedding Planning Tip #12: It’s Your Wedding & You Can Do What You Want

Tip #12: Through the ages, people have been having weddings.  Which means that there are many wedding traditions that come through in different cultures & religions.  And while you may embrace some of the traditions that you can include in your wedding day ~ by no means do you have to subscribe to every tradition,...

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Real Wedding: Low-Key & Chic In Montauk

Elizabeth & Chris are the type of couple that once you’ve met them, you want to be friends forever.  They chose to have their wedding at the Montauk Yacht Club because its where Chris’ parents had spent their honeymoon many years before {I just love that sentimentality!}  They had beautiful blue skies and pretty warm...

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Wedding Planning Tip #11: Photography Lasts a Lifetime

Tip #11: We’ve been chatting budgets and money this week … the one area of your budget where I am going to BEG you to put a chunk of money is Photography.  I would go as far to say that it is the single most important investment you will make on your wedding day.  It...

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Wedding Planning Tip #10: Splurging Is Necessary

Tip #10: Regardless of budget, you need to find one must have for the wedding day that is a splurge item.  For most women I know, when we splurge on a coveted item, we get a ridiculous sense of euphoria {I really hope this happens to other people!}, your wedding day and wedding planning should...

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Wedding Planning Tip #9: You Aren’t The Joneses, So Don’t Try And Keep Up

Tip #9: Your wedding is yours alone.  It’s not anyone else’s.  It makes no difference that at your friend’s wedding she rode down the aisle on a Unicorn or that another friend had Alicia Keys sing their first dance song.  Those were aspects of different weddings.  You are planning YOUR wedding.  What you choose to...

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