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Monthly Archives: November 2010

When those who RSVP No Actually Show Up to The Wedding

One of my biggest gripes in life are those who are either unable to RSVP on time {or at all} to any event they are invited to OR those who RSVP no and then show up.  Both of these ‘habits’ are not helpful for any event but especially for weddings.  Chances are most of your...

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Saks Fifth Avenue Bridal Sample Sale!

Seriously ladies, get yourself over to Saks to try on some lovely gowns that happen to be on sale, December 1 -5, 2010:

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Real Wedding: Iconic Manhattan Imagery

For anyone whose seen Sex and The City:1, knows that Carrie was supposed to get married at the beautiful New York Public Library.  What lots of movie viewers don’t know if that there is a lovely restaurant and wedding venue directly behind the Library called Bryant Park Grill.  It’s one of our favorite venue’s for...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

As we all settle in today with our families, friends and a massive feast of food ~ please take a moment to savor everything thing good and bad that has happened in 2010.  This year I am so thankful for all the amazing experiences that I have been able to be a part of this...

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Black Friday For Weddings

To me, Thanksgiving kicks off the Holiday Season.  Its the official start to listening to Christmas Songs, decorating the house, eating yummy Holiday cookies and receiving fabulous Holiday Cards.  To many more, Thanksgiving marks the start of massive shopping extravaganza’s! With Black Friday quickly approaching, here are some wedding related sales in case you want...

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