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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Fabulous Friday: Its Almost August?

Has anyone else noticed that 2010 is completely whipping by? I’d love to know where the brakes are on this calendar. I have so many goals for 2010 that I haven’t even begun to work on simply because there hasn’t been enough time to really dig into them. Anyways, there are some good things floating...

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Keeping Ego’s in Check

Somewhere along the path of planning your wedding, its inevitable that ego’s will collide … I’ve found in my experience that traditionally those with the largest ego’s are the ones who are pretty set in their ways of how a wedding should proceed and are slightly resistant to change. Ok, I lied, they are probably...

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Hiring a Wedding Vendor {Part 9}

You’ve reviewed the proposal and you either see the value of this vendor or you don’t … so you either want to hire them or you don’t. Either way, please use common courtesy and notify the wedding vendor even if it’s to say no. Leaving a consultation and proposal open and undecided {at least on...

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Who Died And Made You God?

This question was posed to me this morning during a session with my life guru. We were discussing my business and how I like everyone to act in a manner that I find acceptable ~ which is basically beyond wrong as an outlook on life. Everyone is different, has different perspective and because of that,...

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Monday Musings

Folks, the new imac is here and let’s just say the learning curve is going to be huge!

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