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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Seating Your Guests, The Organized Way

I learned several valuable lessons this weekend at a wedding that I was the Day-Of Coordinator for. While I was beyond thrilled for the bride and groom that the torrential downpour predicted subsided and they had a rain-free affair, I did learn how to organize your guest list for your vendors. Whether or not you...

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Insuring Your Wedding Day

While your wedding day is meant to be the most incredible day of the year {duh}, you do need to insure that it just that. And by insure, I don’t just mean having everything planned out and detailed, I literally mean insured. My husband and I had a fun time attending his cousin’s wedding this...

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Fourty Random Things About This Wedding Planner

I thought I would take a moment and answer 40 Random Questions so you could get to know me better! 1. What time did you get up this morning?7AM. I used to be a night person and now am a morning person. I blame the dogs wanting to go to the dog park at 7AM...

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Questionable Wednesdays: Time Between Ceremony and Cocktails

Every Wednesday, I will try to shed some light on a Question that I find floating around the wedding’sphere. Question: “My ceremony will be starting at 2:00PM. It will probably last an hour and a half…The reception site is at a resort, 15 minutes away. Most of the guest live in the city. Cocktail reception...

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Defining Luxury

Today’s post is directed towards you, dear reader. I am currently reading a book on Luxury and how through the age’s the word alone has come to be defined. It’s quite something to think about, especially when it comes to weddings. Years ago, luxury was thought of something that only the upper upper classes could...

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