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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Real Wedding: Melissa & Andrew

I am beyond excited to share this post with you. Melissa & Andrew are such a gracious, nice and beautiful couple and I was honored to be their Day Of Wedding Coordinator. Their wedding was quintessentially “them” ~ having traveled to Africa, they aptly held the ceremony and reception on the rooftop of the Hotel...

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Being the Organized Bride

After a fantastic flower consultation yesterday, I feel the need to discuss bridal organization with you. Firstly, I can completely empathize with the brides and information / inspiration overload that happens during the planning process. With bridal blogs, magazines and etsy, its so easy to find a million and one ideas that you want to...

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Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner: In their Own Words

I stumbled upon this article this morning {thank you Twitter!} and thought that the insights included in it were invaluable. The wedding planners interviewed shed light on some very pertinent details regarding how functional a wedding planner can be in ensuring that your day runs as smoothly as possible. Check it out here via MyDeejay!

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Wedding Etiquette

While I actively agree with not following all the traditional aspects of weddings {I did not throw a bouquet at my own wedding}, there is one large tradition of weddings that I just can’t do away with: traditional RSVP response cards. My husband and I were recently invited to a wedding and when I opened...

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Hiring Vendors

While we’ve covered many different aspects of hiring the right vendor for your wedding throughout my posts, Liene Stevens of Blue Orchid Designs has created a comprehensive guide that I wanted to share with you … Wedding Vendor Hiring Guide Keep it close to ensure that when you interview vendors, you are asking the right...

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