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In Wedding Planning, Remain Gracious

As the end of the year comes to a close, we all seem to get more and more reflective ~ I keep coming back to the concept of Gratitude.  So much so, that I’ve started keeping a Gratitude Journal where I can record daily what I am thankful for.  I began thinking about how being...

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When those who RSVP No Actually Show Up to The Wedding

One of my biggest gripes in life are those who are either unable to RSVP on time {or at all} to any event they are invited to OR those who RSVP no and then show up.  Both of these ‘habits’ are not helpful for any event but especially for weddings.  Chances are most of your...

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Tracking Your Wedding RSVPs

You’ve sent out amazing invitations, now its time to get the responses mailed back to you. Hopefully when you created your guest list, you kept an electronic record of it with which you can use to track RSVP responses. If not, there’s a bit of typing in your future! You can either purchase Wedding RSVP...

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Choosing Your Wedding Invitations

When compiling your wedding budget, please do keep all your printed items in mind! Printing Save the Dates, Invitations, Direction cards, Reception cards, RSVP cards, Menus, Programs, Escort Cards / Place cards, Thank You Notes does add up, so make sure you’ve left some room in the budget for them all. Keep in mind that...

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Monday Musings: Applying For A Job

This isn’t so much of a musing as a PSA. I receive many job inquiries each year and while I am so flattered that people would love to come and work for our team, I have to say that I spend most of my time wondering what information people are getting about applying for a...

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