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Wedding Planning Tip #16: Weddings Last Just One Day

Tip #16: You’ve set the date, you’ve begun choosing your vendors, in essence your wedding day is taking shape.  This is one of the most exciting times of your life but its also one of the biggest times where you need to have perspective.  Your wedding day will last just one day.  Your marriage will...

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Wedding Planning Tip #15: Weddings Are Not The Time To Proscratinate

Tip #15: One of my mum’s favorite sayings is “the early bird catches the worm” and when it comes to planning your wedding, it certainly rings true.  When wedding planning, there isn’t much room for procrastination simply because there will always be some other bride who is ready to make a decision on the spot....

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Wedding Planning Tip #14: Your Wedding Can Be Over-Inspired

Tip #14: Once you got engaged, you probably realized very quickly that there are 1000′s of resources for your wedding in the form of wedding magazines, wedding blogs, wedding websites … it would be impossible to not to get totally overwhelmed by the extreme amount of wedding related content on the internet and in print...

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Wedding Planning Tip #13: The Most Important Aspect of Your Entire Wedding Day

Tip #13: Planning your wedding can be pretty chaotic – between searching for the best dress, picking a band, organizing your guest list, there are tons of details to work through to ensure that your wedding day is simply fabulous.  What I am about to say is your hands down most important decision ever related...

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Wedding Planning Tip #12: It’s Your Wedding & You Can Do What You Want

Tip #12: Through the ages, people have been having weddings.  Which means that there are many wedding traditions that come through in different cultures & religions.  And while you may embrace some of the traditions that you can include in your wedding day ~ by no means do you have to subscribe to every tradition,...

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